László Zámbó was born in Budapest, studied in Russia, had classical music education and started writing songs and poems already in his teenage years. His previous project Lacika And The Hookers (LATH) was born in 2013 while he was residing in Amsterdam. Two years later, his first self produced album was released titled Rotten Hearts.
In 2016 he moved to Berlin and started studying music production and sound engineering. In 2017 he released an experimental EP – Is It Art?!. Touching sensitive topics like depression, loneliness, hopelessness and disappointment, picturing our ruthless and needy society with brooding melodies and sarcastic lyrics.
The record release was accompanied by a video for the single Art, directed by Mario Dzurila, which explores how we can communicate our vision to our audience without being labelled, or imprisoned in pre-existing schemes. Later in the year another video by Dzurila was released for the song Low Skies, the striking footage shot in Belarus puts the personal fight for freedom in the context of the struggle of self-realisation living in an authoritarian country. A video single Abandon – also directed by Mario Dzurila and – was released in March 2018. Abandon is about the awakening of the society imprisoned by the fear instituted by its authoritarian leaders. It’s an ode to the uprising of the mind, the rebellion against the dogma and the celebration of an individual freedom.