Low Skies – Free Belarus

Low Skies, the second single taken form the Is It Art? – EP is a confession of the difficult yet extremely liberating process of my self-awareness as an artist. Deliberately shot in Belarus, the striking footage puts my own fight for personal freedom in the context of the struggle of self-realization living in an authoritarian country, which I have echoed in using Belarusian subtitles. It is a tribute to the Belarusian language I’ve studied, which fades away together with the hope for a change.
Earlier this year the presidential elections in Belarus were forged again, giving Lukashenka another term and another chance to terrorise the people of Belarus. The peaceful protests are going on for months now in order to change the regime, but Lukashenka and his government do not intend to step down and they are using brutal police and military force to strike the people down. Half of the opposition is either in prison or had to flee the country in order to survive.
The music video directed by Mario Dzurila illustrates the feelings that were surrounding me in these challenging times. Is It Art? – EP was released on 8th September 2017.

Below you can donate funds to help the protesting people in Belarus:




Directed by: Mario Dzurila
Produced by: Titanikbar Films


All rights reserved ©℗ 2017